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Ayshath Shihab

Chief Inspiration Officer 


Ayshath is the inspiration behind Ember Blu and brings with her years of experience combined in business, brand strategy and management.

After graduating she worked for the Bank of Maldives as the Head of Marketing at the newly formed Marketing Department and worked closely with the other departments to identify new products and services. In her work at the Bank she was instrumental in launching the Banks first CSR product in association with Society for Health Education, namely Thalessamic Support Fund.

Upon completing her tenure with the Bank, she then moved to one of the more enterprising and upcoming tourism companies in the Maldives as the CEO.

Ayshath was instrumental in delivering the vision of the group of businesses by forming a dynamic leadership team to ensure results were delivered.

Together with the team she formulated the strategy of the businesses and led the change management and the complete re-structuring of the organization by aligning the resources successfully. 

Ayshath is a strong advocate of learning and education and creates opportunities for all respective team members to continue learning and to be on top of the ever-changing businesses and industries.

She has worked cross-culturally and is an enthused traveler, thus her exposure to the East and West brings insight and multi-dimensional knowledge to all her respective businesses.

Ayshath’s vision and contemporary attitude along with her strong belief in synergy achieves and drive results through team work and best practices.

Ayshath is the founder of Ember Blu. Her educational background includes a Masters of Science in Marketing.