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Our Expertise

Ember Blu specialises in a broad set of skills in branding and advisory verses the more traditional forms of advertising and marketing.

It is important that the two aspects of business and their differences are not misunderstood. Marketing is the promotion of a brand’s product and service. Where as branding, encompasses your customers entire experience with your company. It includes all the information about your product, service and organisation.

Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of business strategy, organisational performance, operational processes and strengthening the brand position so it embodies the elements of a more holistic and human experience.

For us each client situation is unique and there is no one size fits all methodology we use.  It is not the same for two products no matter how similar it is. We uncover this difference and build your brand around it.

Our approach is to generate an emotional connection between how you perceive your product, how customers think, feel and experience it and how your employees believe it and develop and deliver the product over time.

We build an internal support system, focus group of employees that empowers each other in a positive environment and create advocates that genuinely holds a similar belief system.

We engage clients through relevant workshops, seminars and discussions to educate on what’s new and next in branding.


Our Enterprise

Our methodology is drawn on principles of insight with an outside-in view approach, whereby a clear understanding of the brand and business DNA is established to maintain originality and progress in a consistent and systematic manner.

We focus on your business goals, the entire organisation including leadership and employees individually, your customers and customer experiences on all touch points, to create an emotionally engaged holistic brand strategy that is right for you.

We consult and share expertise on all aspects of brand development and re-branding on a strategic plane, to uncover the strategic opportunities in the marketplace for your growth. We are more focused on the strategic side than the aesthetics or your visual brand.


To gain an in-depth understanding of your business we use proven principles of research, analysis and emotional assessments to uncover your brand needs and establish a holistic balance to it. 

We identify who you are, where you are, where you wish to be and what are the existing problems and how we can help your organisation.


  • Market Research

  • Brand Equity Analysis

  • Organisational Analysis

  • OCAI, MBTI, ,Leadership Assessment, Competitor Research,Competitive Analysis, SWOTT


The first step is to get your strategy right, which is the foundation for any business, and build your brand around it and deliver the brand.

We build your brand to identify the differences and build the right type of experiences around it so that your customers will have specific perceptions, positive feelings, beliefs, thoughts and sentiments about it.


  • Brand Equity Alignment

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Architecture

  • Empathy Mapping


This is where we develop ideas based on the collaborative integration of all aspects to build a holistic balance to the brand that expresses uniquely what you are to your customers.

We create the strategic framework for delivering the right impression of your brand to the customers.


  • Customer Experience Journeys

  • Messaging Architecture

  • Brand Style Guidelines


We make sure when your brand enters the market that it is dynamic, unique and consistently implemented on all touch points strategically.


  • Communications Engagement

  • Organisational Engagement

E valuate

Based on your brand strategy and organisational demands, we review the emotional health, engagement and responsiveness of your brand on needed interval.