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Branding & Leadership Symposium 2018

Ember Blu, hosted the first Branding & Leadership Symposium on October 28th at Kurumba Maldives, a unique and exclusive event curated by invitation only for executives and visionaries from across all industries of Maldives.

This transformational half-day event hosted insightful Keynotes by three prominent speakers from different schools of thought.

Business and Brand Strategist, Mr. Martin Roll’s keynote was on “Branding & Leadership in the 21st Century” focusing on “Next Generation Leadership”.

His speech focused on how the next generation of leadership will have to deal effectively with multiple global demanding challenges and provided inspiration and guidance to the audience.

Former Creative Director of Apple, Mr. Ken Segall spoke about “Working the Steve Jobs Way” and “the power of simplicity” which was a topic near and dear to his heart, having witnessed the power of simplicity first-hand through his many years of experience with Steve Jobs.

In this talk, Ken took a closer look at Steve’s management style, illuminating principles that anyone can adopt to motivate employees, make better products and streamline complicated companies.

Chairman of CarbonBlue Innovations, Professor Michael Sung’s keynote was on “The Crypto Age: An Overview of the Blockchain Innovation that is Disrupting the World”.

He highlighted the fundamental concepts of why blockchain technology is poised to revolutionise the world and explained key crypto-token business models that will drive the decentralized digital economies of the future.

The Symposium also enjoyed a Panel discussion moderated and led by Mr. Martin Roll with distinguished business leaders in the Maldives, discussing and providing perspectives on leadership and the opportunities for Maldivian companies.

The distinguished Panelists were Mr. Ismail Rasheed, Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of Dhiraagu PLC, Mr. Adhly Rasheed, Executive Director of Islanders Education, Mr. Dilan Rajapakse, Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Banks of Maldives and Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, Chief Executive Officer of Streamliners.

The half day event was educational and inspirational and catered to an audience from different industries of Maldives with one thing in common; an innate need to learn and a curiosity to explore and to enhance performance of their organisations and teams.