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Adhly Rasheed

Executive Director at Islanders Group

Adhly Rasheed was educated in the Maldives, Sri Lanka and in the United Kingdom. After completing his degree in Business Management and Marketing in the U.K, he returned to the Maldives and joined Islanders Group, as a Board Member and Executive Director. Islanders Group is a Gold 100 listed company based in the Maldives engaged in the education, trade, travel and tourism sector.

In 2008, Rasheed successfully worked with the government to initiate the first Private Public Partnership to operate a private international school in the capital city. Today, Islanders runs 13 schools across 11 islands in the Maldives with over 3,000 students, making it one of the largest private education providers in the country.

Rasheed also heads one of the most pioneering projects in education at the moment, that is, the introduction of the Finnish Education system to the Maldives by opening the first Finland International School in Asia in 2019, and also building a brand new Finland International School in Hulhumalé by year 2020.

Rasheed is also co-founder of Hologo, an Augmented Reality (AR) educational app for educators, co-founder of The Foundation for a Better Future and co-founder of Premier Equity Pvt. Ltd., a company that successfully won the contract to develop the country’s first hospitality training resort.