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Nizama Alididi

Chief Growth Officer


Nizama has years of experience in marketing, brand development and management primarily in the hospitality and tourism industry.

She has proven effectiveness in conceptualising new products and refining existing products and services. She has developed and implemented brand and communication strategies that answer real business needs of a broad spectrum in the leisure and tourism segment.

She has revised and delivered consistent standards for restructuring internal communications and helped in bringing a cultural change in the organisation making it more brand centric.

Nizama has successfully co-developed and managed highly specialised PR and marketing campaigns targeted to Ultra High Net Worth lifestyle. She also played an instrumental role in managing relationships with lifestyle and concept publications and other influences on a global platform.

She has understanding of multiple management disciplines, also playing fundamental role in developing and sustaining employees. With her extensive knowledge and her lateral thinking and discipline she brings in a calm and balanced approach to her work.

Nizama is well-travelled and has been part of various networking and travel/trade events held globally. This has been equally enriching and brought a profound positive effect through learning and new ways of thinking.

Nizama has an undergraduate degree in Tourism Management and Engineering.